Dock Buddy

3ft. model extends to 6 ft. high

4ft. model extends to 8 ft. high

Rope image
Image of Dock Buddy

The Dock Buddy holds your lines in a vertical position while you are away from the dock.

Image of Dock Buddy

Reach out with your boat pole and the Dock Buddy will bend to bring your line to you.

  • Holds your lines while you are away from your dock.
  • Hands your lines to your when you return to your dock.
  • No need to depend on someone being there to hand you your lines when you return.
  • No need to worry about getting close enough (Dock Buddy swings out to bring your lines out to you).
  • Dock Buddy swings back when your lines are removed.
  • Dock Buddy adjusts up and down (4-8ft) so you can reach your lines at a comfortable height.
  • Dock Buddy takes the stress out of docking when you return to home port.
  • Works on floating or stationary docks.
  • For the boater who leaves his line on the dock.

A device to place your dock line on when you leave, so when you return, you have easy access to those lines. Always there when you need him holding your lines, waiting patiently for you to return. Simply place your lines on the Dock Buddy arm when leaving. Upon your return, you can reach out with a boat pole and pull the Dock Buddy in close enough for you to reach your lines.

The Dock Buddy comes complete with dock mount bracket, telescopic pole and support arm.