Dual-Tech Lightning Protector
MP-300 Mini Protector for boats under 30 feet RP-500

Mini Protector for boats under 40 feet
1250 points of protection
10-3/4"L x 4-1/2"D + 12" rod
RP-500 Regular Protector for boats to 60 feet SP-1000

Regular Protector for boats under 80 feet
2700 points of protection
15-1/2"L x 4-1/2"D + 12" rod
SP-1000 Super Protector for boats larger than 60 feet XP-3000

Super Protector for boats larger than 80 feet
8100 points of protection

Anyone who has ever been caught in a lightning storm has wondered how safe they are in their boats, and most boaters would be shocked if they knew how susceptible they really are to the power of the storm.

That's right, if you have not taken precautions to properly handle a lightning strike, if one were to occur you may have put your boat, or more importantly yourself, family or friends in jeopardy. JATCO Marine has incorporated two of the best know technologies of lightning protection into one unit.

The DUAL-TECH LIGHTNING PROTECTOR has incorporated two technologies into one system. The first is the "point discharge principle". Sharp points in a strong electrostatic field will leak off electrons by ionizing the adjacent air molecules. This process scientists refer to as "natural dissipation". The enhancement of which will substantially reduce or even eliminate the possibility of a strike. It is also commonly known that the more points you have, the greater you reduce the possibility of a strike.

The second is the "lightning rod principle". In case of a direct hit, the system will take the charge to the ground as quickly and directly as possible, thereby minimizing any damage to the boat.

By incorporating both technologies into one system, you have double protection. While no system can claim it's 100% effective in preventing a lightining strike, if you use a system which incorporates two technologies, you can substantially reduce the chance of a severe strike. If you prefer, you can eliminate the lightning rod portion of the protector, and use the static dissipator only.

Some boats may need more than one unit to provide adequate protection. Consult our pamphlet on UNDERSTANDING LIGHTNING PROTECTION. This product requires proper installation for maximum protection. Mounts on a standard antenna bracket or directly to mast.

Note: Complete protection from equipment damage or personal injury is not implied, and no claim of merchantability for this product is being made.
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