Mariner II Alarm System
Mariner II
MODEL #100-162

Install in 15 Minutes
(Basic One Piece Unit)
A Complete One Piece System
  • Has a built in Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Motion Detector
    • Can sense movement up to 45 feet
  • Built in Siren
    • Capable of 120 Db Ear Piercing Sound
  • Built in Battery
    • Capable of running the Alarm System for 3 to 4 months
  • Built in Wireless Receiver
    • Capable of monitoring doors, hatches, additional motion detectors, glass breakage protector.
  • Has a built in Digital Communicator
    • Ability to monitor boat by a central station.
  • Can be Expanded
    • To a Very Sophisticated Alarm System.
  • Operates Off a Wireless Key Transmitter
    • Sold Separately
Simplest - Most Sophisticated

The Mariner II Guardpost System can be installed in its simplest form - a basic burglar alarm in 15 minutes. Simply mount to the flat surface or corner of the inside cabin and it is installed. The screws are hidden behind small access panels. The Mariner II by JATCO can protect your boat out on a mooring, during winter storage, or any place, any time, whether your boat has power to it or not. The Mariner II operates off its built-in high powered battery. The battery only needs charging every 3 to 4 months. To charge it, all you have to do is plug the small low voltage transformer (included) into a 110V AC outlet for 24 hours and it's ready for another 3 to 4 months. Or if you prefer, keep the transformer plugged in all the time.

However you choose to install the Mariner II Guardpost System -
It will provide your boat with the protection it needs.

The Mariner Ii is operated by a Wireless Key! Simply push the on button (you will hear a chirp) and it is ARMED, giving you time to exit the boat. When you return, you can DISARM the boat from the dock (if you want) or come on board and use the entrance delay (0-30 seconds). It also has a Panic button which could call for help if you were unable to do so.

The Mariner II's housing is made from high impact 3mm Polycarbonate, this offers the same tensile properties as 1.2mm Steel. The Mariner II's housing is designed to be easily installed, yet offers a high strength self contained housing that is both difficult to remove or tamper with once installed.

Here are some ways that the Mariner II Guardpost can be expanded:

Add as many other devices as needed, such as: Door and Hatch Contacts, Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Gas Detectors, Outside External Siren, External Strobe Light, Vibration Sensors, Bilge Sensor, Loss of AC Power Sensor.

Your Mariner II is also capable of sending the alarm signal over standard phone lines or by connecting it to a cellular interface (sold separately) to a central monitoring station. You can be notified if there is a problem with your boat, no matter where you are!

Your Mariner II is capable of reporting up to eight different users. By giving each user his own wireless key, you know who was on board, what time he left, etc. - A great way to monitor crew people or activity on board your boat.

100 - 089 Wireless Passive Infrared Detector
100 - 146Wireless Miniature Door or Hatch Contact
100 - 163Wireless Key On/Off
N01 - 110Horn Speaker
N01 - 110Strobe Light
100 - 090Wireless Reed Switch/Vibration
WB-200Bilge High Water Sensor
PS - 110Power Out Alert Loss of AC Power
UTA - 1Temperature Alert
Features and Specifications
Deterrence 124db Siren (external as well)
-Optional External Strobe Light
DetectionPassive Infra_Red (PIR)
Entrance Delay 0 to 30 Seconds
Exit Delay 5 to 60 Seconds
ControlWater Resistant Wireless Key
PanicIntegral with Key
Base PIR Range 30' x 30' or 45' x 45'
Base PIR Sensitivity 1 to 4 Pulses
UsersUp to 8 groups
Number of User/Group Unlimited
ZonesBase plus 7 remote
Chime Mode 8 Zone Selectable
Home Mode8 Zone Selectable
Fire Mode (constant) 8 Zone Selectable
Number of Sensors/Remote Zones Unlimited
Remote Zone Lockout Programmable
Supervision Usage Algorithm
Installation Wireless
Power Supply 3.2AH 12 V Battery
Monitoring Ademco High Speed