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Custom Installations

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View pictures of Ways to Secure the Dinghy for Travel

All of the Trillogy Dinghy Lifts are custom built to your boats specifications. Below we show various ways our lifts can be modified to fit your boat and your customized needs.

Page 1 - Custom and 'On Platform' Installation
Page 2 - Special and Custom Assembly
Page 3 - Ways to Secure the Dinghy for Travel

Tilting the Lift Against the Transom

LD150 dinghy lift hinging up against the transom for storage purposes.

Lift up against the transom and the inflatable on the swim platform do not take up any addtional space.

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Tie Down Methods

Shows an eyelet which just screws on the end of the existing bolt can be used for the straps.

A stainless steel bracket installed on the bolt which permanently holds the strap.

Shows a method of securing straps to the main arm without use of an eyelet.


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Securing the Dinghy To the Lift for Travel Purposes

Shows 2 straps coming across the inflatable pontoons. This dinghy is also attached to the winch while it is traveling between cables. It is also attached with 2 ratchet straps from the transom of the inflatable, which you cannot see in this picture, to the main arms of the lift.

Shows another method of attaching tip down straps to the lift.

Shows another dinghy tied down and secured ready to travel.

Shows one method of lifting the lift off the platform by using blocks cut out of starboard under brackets.

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