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  • It hauls, lifts, and launches your dinghy, Jet Ski, PWC, or Wave-Runner easily right form the stern of your boat!
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Model LD-150

Model MD-300

Model MD-450

Model HD-600

Model HD-900

The basic light duty lift, our LD-150 will carry a soft bottom inflatable, up to 8' with a 5 hp motor.

The MD-300 Lift will carry a hard bottom inflatable and motor with a total weight of up to 300 pounds

The MD-450 Lift will carry up to 450 pounds. This could carry a hard bottom inflatable with a small motor or a small Wave Runner on most boats.

The HD-600 Lift will carry all hard bottom inflatable and Wave Runners up to 600 pounds.

The HD-900 Lift, our largest weight capacity lift, will carry any hard bottom inflatable's, Wave Runner or Jet Ski up to 900 pounds.

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Trillogy Information:

  • The Trillogy Dinghy lift Model LD-150 connects to the swim platform of your boat.
  • It will carry your inflatable soft bottom Dinghy and motor off your stern.
  • Our basic light duty model will carry up to 150 Lbs.
  • You can purchase additional accessories and options to upgrade the lift to increase its capacity to 900 Lbs.
  • To carry a hard bottom inflatable up to 150 Lbs., you must add a winch arm and additional pontoon rollers.
  • The Lift fits into 4 brackets that simply mount to the swim platform.
  • The Lift can be easily removed.
  • Our Model HD-600 will carry a Jet Ski or hard bottom inflatable up to 600 Lbs.
  • Our Model HD-900 will carry a Jet Ski or hard bottom inflatable up to 900 Lbs.
  • Lift has a low profile look which will complement any boat.
  • The Basic light duty lift Model LD-150 has main support arms made of 1/8" aluminum.
  • The brackets are 1/4" aluminum. The pontoons have 2 rollers which allow you to pull your dinghy right out of the water onto the pontoons, strap it down and you are ready to go.
  • The dinghy lift has many additional options that can be added to make your lift more versatile, and to increase the carrying capacity.
  • Call to tell us what type of boat you want to carry, and we will spec-out a lift for you. Prices start at $1,295.00.